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Add additional information to tooltip - Area map

By default, in Area Map, tooltip shows limited information like name of country/state and one calculated value. Below script allow us to add more information to tooltip.

widget.on("beforequery", function (se, ev) {
	var newJaql = {
		jaql  : {
				//agg:'max', //enable this if you need to display aggreated value
				column: "Region", //Colum name
				datatype: "text",
				dim: "[Records.Region]", //table + column name
				table: "Records", //table name
				title: "Region"
	lastIndex = ev.query.metadata.length - 1	

widget.on("render", function (se, args){
	$.each(args.widget.queryResult.$$rows, function(index, value){
		value[1].text = value[1].text + ', Region: ' + value[2].text //replace 'Region' with label you want

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