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Dashboard Refresh Button

In order to refresh all widgets in a dashboard, we need to refresh the entire page. But we can add a button to refresh all widgets.

Here is a script to add refresh button for a dashboard.


  1. Create dashboard

  2. Add below script to dashboard

  3. Save the script and refresh the dashboard

dashboard.on('initialized', function (se, ev) {
	let dashboardRefreshButton = 
		`<button id="dashboard-refresh-button"title="Refresh" class = "btn js--btn-action" style="width: 34px; height:28px">
	let $toolbarRight = $('.prism-toolbar__section--right .prism-toolbar__cell.btns-holder');

	$toolbarRight.find('#dashboard-refresh-button').on('click', dashboardRefresh);

function dashboardRefresh() {	
	$.each(dashboard.widgets.$$widgets, function(index, value){

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