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Hide export option from dashboard

This script allow dashboard owner to control which export options should be visible to other users for that dashboard.

Add this script to your dashboard. This script will hide all export options from dashboard and all widget in that dashboard.

If you don't want to hide a specific export option, change its value to true.

dashboard.on('initialized', function(se, ev){
	if(se.instanceType != 'owner')
		se.userAuth.dashboards.export_jpeg = false // Hide download jpeg option dashboard menu
		se.userAuth.dashboards.export_pdf = false // Hide download pdf option dashboard menu
		se.userAuth.widgets.export_csv = false //Hide download csv option from all widgets in dashboard
		se.userAuth.widgets.export_png = false //Hide download png option from all widgets in dashboard
		se.userAuth.widgets.export_pdf = false //Hide download pdf option from all widgets in dashboard


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