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Highlight i-button of widgets having description

In Sisense, we can add description about a widget in its i-button which is located at widget header. But it is difficult to know if any description is added or not, we may have to hover over or click on it to find it. Below script will highlight i-button if any description is added to a widget.


  1. Create a dashboard and add widgets in it

  2. Add below script to dashboard. Change color from red to any color you want

  3. Save the script and refresh dashboard

dashboard.on('widgetready', function(se, ev){

	if(ev.widget.desc && ev.widget.desc.trim().length > 0)
		$(`widget[widgetid="${ev.widget.oid}"] widget-header .app-icon--general-info-circle`).css('color', 'red')


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