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Modal popup in Dashboard

Sometimes you may need to show some messages, like information about the charts, on loading the dashboard. This can be achieved using below script.


  1. Create a dasboard

  2. Add below script to dashboard. Update the template with messages you need to display on modal. Also possible to specify an HTML url instead of text message if you change 'template' to 'templateUrl'.

  3. save the script and refresh dashboard

dashboard.on('initialized', function (se, ev) {
	const modalScope = prism.$ngscope;
	const modalDom = prism.$injector.get('$dom');
	const options = {
		scope: {
			in: modalScope,
		template: `Welcome to Sales Dashboard<br>
				(Description about the dashboard...)`,
	const ui = {};

	modalDom.modal(options, ui);
	if (!modalScope.$$phase) {
	$('.md-ai-modal').css({'z-index':'999', 'position':'absolute', 'left': '0', 'right': '0', 'top':'30%'})
	$('.md-content').css({'z-index':'999', 'position':'absolute', 'left': '0', 'right': '0', 'top':'30%', 'width':'500px'})
	$('.md-overlay').css({'z-index':'998', 'position':'absolute'})

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