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Replace X-axis labels in a widget

We sometimes need to rename X-Axis labels to make them more meaningful. For example, if we have month numbers in a database, we can utilize them in a widget and use script to replace them with their names.


  1. Create widget with required fields

  2. Add below script to widget

  • replace the variable 'panelName' with name of panel whose items needs to be replaced

  • replace the variable 'newItemMapping' with mapping of existing and new labels

3. Save script and refresh widget

newItemMapping = { '1':'Jan',

widget.on("queryend", function(se, ev){
	var panelName = 'Day Number' //Items in this panel will be replaced with new items
	panelIndex = ev.rawResult.headers.indexOf(panelName)
	$.each(ev.rawResult.values, function(index, value){

		if(newItemMapping[value[panelIndex].text] != undefined)
			value[panelIndex].data = newItemMapping[value[panelIndex].data]
			value[panelIndex].text = newItemMapping[value[panelIndex].text]

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