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Switchable Measure Buttons

Here is a script to add buttons to switch between different measures/calculation.

For example, in below screenshot, each button represent different calculations and when we click on it, chart will show corresponding calculated values in Y-Axis. (The X-axis won't change)


  1. Create a bar/column/line/are chart

  2. Widget should contain only one category(dimension). You can create as many Values panels as required and enable only one panel. The script will generate one button per Value panel and will be able to switch between panels by clicking on buttons.

3. Add below script to widget

4. Save the script and refresh widget

widget.on('processresult', function(se, ev){	
	ev.result.chart.marginTop= 60

widget.on("domready", function(w){
	chart = w.chart[0][Object.keys(w.chart[0])[0]].hc
	$.each(w.metadata.panels[1].items, function(index, value){
		chart.renderer.button(value.jaql.title, 10 + (index * 70), 10)
				zIndex : 10,
				height: 15,
				width: 50,
				'text-align': 'center'
			.on('click', function() {						
				value.disable = false
				$.each(w.metadata.panels[1].items, function(itemIndex, itemValue){
					if(itemIndex == index)
						itemValue.disabled = false
						itemValue.disabled = true


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