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Always show i-buttons having description

We already have a script to highlight i-buttons having description. In view mode, widget i-buttons are visible only if we hover over the widget. Here is a script to always show the i-buttons with description.


  1. Create a dashboard and add some widgets in it. Add description to required widgets

  2. Add below script to dashboard

  3. Save the script and refresh dashboard

dashboard.on('widgetready', function(se, ev){

	if(ev.widget.desc && ev.widget.desc.trim().length > 0)
		let toolBarWidth = 190
		$(`widget[widgetid="${ev.widget.oid}"] widget-header .app-icon--general-info-circle`).css('color', 'red')
		$(`widget[widgetid="${ev.widget.oid}"] widget-header .app-icon--general-info-circle`).closest(' widget-toolbar').css('width', toolBarWidth + 'px')
		$(`widget[widgetid="${ev.widget.oid}"] widget-header .app-icon--general-info-circle`).closest('.widget-toolbar-btn').css('opacity', '1')


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