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Change position and color of legend items in Sisense

Sometimes we may need to move an item (or items) in legend to a specific position, for example moving 'N\A', 'Unknown', 'Not available' etc to the end of list. We can achieve this using below script.

Supported widget types : Bar chart, Line chart, Column Chart, Area Chart, Pie Chart

widget.on('processresult', function(se, args){
	var itemList = [{"name":"Unknown", "position":-1, "color":"grey"}]
	$.each(itemList, function(index, item){
		var old_index
		$.each(args.result.series, function(index, value){
			if( ==
				value.color = ((item.color == '' || !item.color) ? value.color : item.color)
				old_index = index

		moveItem(args.result.series, old_index, item.position)

	//Function to move an item at old_index to new_index
	function moveItem(array, old_index, new_index)
		while (old_index < 0) {
			old_index += array.length;

		while (new_index < 0) {
			new_index += array.length;

		array.splice(new_index, 0, array.splice(old_index, 1)[0]);


Here itemList is the variable where we specify item, position and its color.

name: Name of item in legend

position: Index where we need to move the item (new position).

0 - Move item to first position

1 - Move item to 2nd position

-1 - Move item to last position

color: Color of legend. This is an optional parameter.

We can add multiple items in itemList


var itemList = [{"name":"South", "position":0, "color":"Green"},
		{"name":"West", "position":1, "color":"Blue"},
		{"name":"Unknown", "position":-1, "color":"grey"}]


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