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Custom No Result message

Below script will allow you to change default 'No Result' message to any message you want. It is possible to apply different messages to each widget.


  1. Create a widget

  2. Add below script. Update the variable 'no_result_message' and 'no_result_url' with your new message and image url respectively.

  3. Save the script and refresh widget

widget.on('domready', function(se){
	no_result_message = 'No sales data available'
	no_result_url = ''
		if (prism.activeWidget == null)
			no_result_container = $(`widget[widgetid="${se.oid}"]`)
			no_result_container = $('.prism-widget-preview')
		if(no_result_message.length > 0)
			$(no_result_container).find('.widget-no-result-overlay .widget-no-result-notify-holder .no-result-title').text(no_result_message)
		if(no_result_url.length > 0)
			$(no_result_container).find('.widget-no-result-overlay .widget-no-result-notify-holder .image').attr('src', no_result_url)
			$(no_result_container).find('.widget-no-result-overlay .widget-no-result-notify-holder .image').css('width', 'auto')

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